July 3-7 2016

EUROMAR 2016 · Aarhus · Denmark · July 3-7 · 2016

Photo of Aarhus Concert hall

Welcome to EUROMAR 2016

For the first time Aarhus and Denmark will host the EUROMAR conference. Being the second-largest city in Denmark with ca 300 000 inhabitants, Aarhus is known for its many students, rich cultural life, wonderful coast line, big harbour, the Concert hall and its many bars and museums. Aarhus has been selected the European capital of culture in 2017, and as a tourist attraction, Aarhus has recently been discovered by e.g. the lifestyle magazine Vogue and New York Times.

The EUROMAR 2016 conference will have almost 650 participants from 40 countries around the World. With 330 posters and 120 talks, it has been possible to put together a strong scientific program showing several new emerging fields, as well as new techniques and applications of magnetic resonance. The scientific program highlights the wealth of scientific disciplines addressed by magnetic resonance. We hope you all engage in making the congress a stimulating forum for sharing experience, exchanging ideas, and establishing new fruitful collaborations.

It would not have been possible to arrange the EUROMAR 2016 conference without the generous support from multiple sponsors, funding agencies and exhibitors. Please visit our web site to see the list of sponsors and drop by their booths during the coffee breaks to hear about their latest developments and possibilities.

On behalf of the local organizing committee, the scientific committee, and the EUROMAR and AMPERE organisations, I am delighted to welcome you to EUROMAR 2016 in Aarhus. I hope you will help us make this congress a memorable event.

Thomas Vosegaard




pNMR workshop - an EUROMAR satellite event

July 8-9, 2016
The workshop will address a range of topics on experimental and theoretical developments in the field of paramagnetic NMR applied to the characterization of new functional materials and molecules of chemical interest. Leading specialists in the field will provide a unique mix of tutorial lectures on new NMR experiments and advanced theoretical models, and advanced research reports. For hands-on experience a tutorial of the SIMPSON software is included. The workshop will therefore represent an excellent opportunity to discover, to discuss and to network for both newcomers and experienced researchers in the study of paramagnetic systems.











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